I just ate a butter sandwich and a serving of preserved peaches. Twice a week for dinner they serve cathead, which is the prison term for the meals titled “salisbury patty” and “meatballs” on the menu because they’re the same thing. A cathead is just a hunk of meat that’s never cooked all the way and raw on the inside; the salisbury patty is a bigger hunk of meat. It doesn’t even really taste like meat, either. My late family dog Dusty ate better than this.

The chow workers are all traumatized by catheads because they see how they’re made. Allegedly, it’s one part artificially flavored beef, which is what we get most meals, and two parts filler that comes in a box labeled (again, allegedly), “not for human consumption.”

They do serve kool-aid, which others swear is spiked with estrogen or some other sedating drug, but I never drink it. I only grab water and milk. Since I’ve been more health-conscious lately, I always get the fruit for dessert, in lieu of the cake

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