A thing about italics….

You’ve probably noticed I never italics. If you did you prolly didn’t give a shit, and I don’t blame you.

but if you’re dying to know, it’s cuz the app doesn’t allow me to write in bold or italics. I’ve been substituting two asterisks surrounding the word, like *this* to mimic the stylistic function of italics. it’s not quite the same.

because I *can’t write* in italics, that notion has been seeping into my thinking, which directly affects how I think about the world. it’s like life wouldn’t include italics. Woah.

Woah is right, cuz that kinda sounds like hard-won wisdom from a worldly man. And it is. (but it’s also [I think] the “Sapir-whorf” hypothesis, if you remember from anthro 101, aka the easiest A in college.)

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