“Angels with filthy souls”

I used to think of myself as different than the rest of the hopeless dopes in gp. I’m not like that, I’m not a criminal, I got a college degree! my insides screamed.

That was all technically true but no matter; the differences between us melted away. It’s amazing how we can adapt to near everything. 

While all these inmates came from a fucked up situation, I was, y’know, a good person. Although I didn’t tell them that. 

Whenever I tell some I graduated from uofm, they always ask what my major was, and I’m slightly deterred.

“English…” I reply, sheepishly. I might as well be saying, Yeahhhh, I liked to get high a lot. 

We chop it up. Im explaining my case, &my unusual background for our present circumstances. Then the guy I’m telling this to starts musing about his murdered baby-momma who rose too high up in the crack game too quickly for some people. 

This is his third meth lab. He’s white (im not caring, just noting), a year older than me. 

In this place theres a huge cohort of us– us lost, troubled, fucked up generation.

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  1. trinashinin says:

    There goes that blinding light💡bulb that comes on when the reality of it all sets in.. like “wow.” I so appreciate your honesty in moments such as this. It’s actually refreshing. You’re in a fukked up place, in an even more fucked up situation, and it’s quite evident that all of it.. every last drop.. is giving you substance you never even knew you lacked. That is growth Babe! You’ll leave that hell hole and do great things- I just know it!

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