“Prison Vices”

the three deadly sins in thejoint are gambling, gays, and dope. in quarantine, every incoming prisoner had to watch a video warning about their dangers and the scenarios that commonly arise. Football bets comprise two thirds of former. My fantasy football league has big end-of-year winnings and smaller weekly payoffs. Playing a “ticket” is the most common/popular way to bet. Different groups of prisoners run their own ticket, but they’re all basically the same. The “ticket” is a little slip of paper with the spreads for all the games that weekend and the over/under point total. The minimum bet is a dollar 3 pick, where you must pick 3 games correctly either way–covering the spread over/under. Usually, that pays out 7 or 8 bucks. The winnings increase exponentially with the number of correct picks, but the odds are always heavily in favor of the bookie.

Actually, running a ticket with one or two solid, non-gamblers is a pretty good hustle, but you cant really spend the money you make for awhile jus cuz you gotta keep enough money to cover all bets. Motherfuckers start sweating when someones ticket is still alive thru 6 games and the last game’s on Monday night. If dawg hits, it’s a wrap, the “house” no longer thinks it’s such easy money…

(Selling squares is a much safer bet for the guy running it. The winnings are capped for each quarter; so is what you earn. Plus, it’s not hard to fill up a square board; there’s prolly one guy running one in each unit.)

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