Easy Trouble is a collection of letters and short stories written by my brother, Brendan who is currently incarcerated at the MDOC Jackson prison. Prior to prison, Brendan created a blog and posted his writing frequently. Now, I manage and run this blog on his behalf to share his current predicament and his experiences up until current time. He sends me his stories and messages via "jPay", an email system that allows inmates to keep in contact with loved ones and friends, or in this case, "fans". If you read the blog and would like to write to Brendan, feel free create a jPay account (link below). In order to send and receive messages you will need to purchase "stamps". When you send a message, be sure to select "include pre-paid stamp"- this will allow Brendan to write back. Thank you for your interest and support.

Michigan Department of Corrections

Inmate ID: 511007

Questions or concerns:

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