jPay message #120

I’ve made it in a habit in the morning to make a cup of coffee in the day room right after waking up and brushing my teeth. early in the day, the day room is pretty low key. people are jus waking up, waiting to check their jpay, and theres a few guys that have been up since breakfast, making fudge bars and candy. I wait to get on the kiosk, and plug up my tablet to send messages. afterwards, I bullshit with a few of the guys I fuck with that are milling about. On the TV, its always BETHer in the mornng because they play music videos during the weekday. that drake/ Chris brown song “no guidance” always airs. there’s a scene in the first half of the video where you see this light skin girl bounce her fat ass on the hood of a car. every time that part comes on I hear a bunch of gotdams and other shouts of approval from the otherwise sedate crowd. In this environment that ass symbolizes everything worth getting out for.

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