“Predators Have Feelings Too”

In quarantine, you have to watch what’s infamously known as “the candy bar” video, which is all about prison rape. There are teary eyed testimonials from victims of prison rape (almost all white guys). They also address how to handle a come on from a predator. Usually, these take their initial form in an offer of free stuff–but this is prison, nothing is free. They show a scenario where a prisoner returns to his bunk to find a candy bar on his pillow. He takes the candy bar, and goes to the day room, saying, “to whoever left this, thanks but im not interested. im jus going to leave it here.” While probably the right thing, he did it so awkwardly that everyone’s laughing at the end.

For the most part, that’s the standard operating procedure of predators–indirect, rather than explicit. At least a third of store guys and dope dealers do it for that reason alone; they hope dawg doesnt pay up so they can come collect in their preferred currency (your ass).

A year ago, I had the unfortunate luck to experience this the hard way. When I first moved into the unit, our store got messed up in the process, and I needed to store a bag of coffee, so I went to the first guy who said he was running one, this short older black guy. if I wouldve paid a little closer attention, I wouldve noticed how he tried to do business with all the younger white guys in the unit (huge red flag).

A few days later, he pulls me aside..”you know how I really wanna get paid?” In hindsight, I guess i should’ve told him to get the fuck away, you fucking faggot, but Im not like that. Even after 4 years, Im not that good at prison bluster. Instead, I jus kind of looked at him in disgust, and told him Im jus gonna get his money now and from now on we should jus keep our distance.

From then on, I snubbed him and gave him the cold shoulder anytime he came near, which was often. He’s a fucking predator, after all, going out of his way to ask if I wanted to buy a box of crackers or if I had any watch batteries. I was never scared for my safety or anything like that, mostly jus annoyed as fuck. (I now feel incredible empathy for all the girls I’ve creeped on in the past, drunkenly or not.) 

Regardless, I could see thru all of his innocuous little come-ons, and wanted them to end. I jus kept being as short as possible, sometimes pretending I didnt even hear him and walk right by. Eventually, he mustve been flustered by my constant rudeness.

“pete, man, why you are always like that with me? thats kind of rude man, I get offended by that.”

I smiled on the inside. Has the PC pendulum swung so far to the left that predators in prison are now claiming victimhood and hurt feelings because people treat them with prejudice (as they should)?

“yeah well Im not really trying to make friends so we can jus ignore each other like everyone else does,” I replied. He hasnt said anything to me since.

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