jPay Message #277

After 3 years, I’ve lived with all types of people, of all colors, shapes, and sizes. My cube now has been the most hospitable to doing time, but that’s not to say its without its downsides. It’s a statistical certainty that out of 8 random male adults, two of them will be douchebags. 

The 2 happen to be bunkies in my cube, and they feed off each other’s bullshit. Both on their D prefixes, they met on previous bits, and whose only apparent skill set is living behind bars. Yet somehow, they manage to look down on everyone else and gossip like bitches. They’re not doing short bits either, but 7-9 years at a time, and they’ve been leeching off their families for the cumulative 20+ years. 

The one’s an obese, Jabba-the-Hut lookin motherfucker who sneers at anonymous ‘dope fiends’ and blames them for everything like others blame the Jews. Too bad he’s been one his whole life and only now can’t afford to get high. 

I walked into a near empty cube multiple times, except to catch him alone, guiltily smashing a honey bun. The shame and mute embarrassment was like I walked in on him masturbating.

The other slips me white supremacist literature on the sly, which I don’t really appreciate. First of all, because it’s always some dumb shit, like white people are the direct descendants on the biblical Hebrews. I’m into equal opportunity mockery– I don’t care if its black supremacist Muslims or skinhead Christians, they’re both retards.

I don’t get why he’d even bother because he talks shit behind my back. I shouldn’t be surprised, tho; two-facedness is the default setting here.


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