“Prison Playlist Problems”

Only recently have I actually had some money left over to purchase songs for my jpay tablet. this little problem has metastasized into a significant dilemma that’s consumed a good part of the past two days. 

Most songs cost 1.99, unless they’re a remix or quite old (and unpopular), in which case the price for a song ranges from 1.06 to 1.51. Still, I had only had to purchase 10-12 songs to have spent more money on music that I had thru my whole adulthood (if you don’t count Spotify or YouTube Red subscriptions). I haven’t bought a CD since I was 14. 

The other issue is the lack of choices. While surprisingly varied, jpay music isn like iTunes–their library is much less comprehensive. For example, they don’t have any songs that had been released by Hippie Sabotage and only two by Jai Wolf. Only one album by Griz is available, but his most popular/ song (“Gotta Push On”) is not. In the meantime, I’ve already downloaded the songs that I loved best, or meant the most to me, in the world, especially music that I had listened to the most in the year leading up to my arrest (basically, the journey from college graduation to county jail). 

At this point, I just want some new music to listen to. In a very real way, the music on my tablet has become the soundtrack to my life (so much so that, when this blog was just beginning, I originally conceived of naming each post after the song title in my player that best conveyed the vibe of the post). 

However, I’m having trouble finding new music. as you might have guessed, there are no parties or bars to expose you to the latest jams, nor are there long car rides with friends picking out a song in rotation. In the past, I made a habit of asking the friends who had reached out during my bit for song recommendations. In every case I ended up downloading at least one song from their list of suggestions, or already had it on my player. In some cases, I never had the expendable cash to buy more than a song or two each month.

In the case of my hipsterish youngest brother, the songs and artists were too obscure and niche to be available for purchase. More disconcerting than anything was that I barely recognized any (as in ONE) of the names he mentioned, a sure sign of my growing irrelevance as I get older. 

Otherwise, my only sources to discover new music is the weekday morning playlist on BETHer (mostly forgettable, much rehashed, oriented towards women, few diamonds in the rough) and the one hour block of videos called Fresh Out that airs Saturday morning on MTV. While I’m likely one of its 20 total viewers, Fresh Out is easily my most valuable, and renewable, resource by playing recent music and a constantly changing playlist from week to week.

Anyways I’d love if anyone submitted some song recommendations either by commenting or by sending me a jpay. Here’s a list of songs I’ve recently downloaded and still jam out to, so you’ve a better sense of what kind of music are giving me aural erections: 

what you know about love – pop smoke
gangsta – kehlani
blueberry faygo – lil mosey
cardigan – Taylor Swift
levitating – dua lipa
laugh now cry later – drake
without me – Halsey
acting like that – machine gun Kelly (love the blink vibe)
weird – yungblud
34 + 35 – Ariana Grande
the way life goes – lil Uzi vert
psycho + sunflower – post Malone (anthems since I been locked up; post Malone has turned into a fav artist of mine)
thrusting – internet money
devastated – Joey bada$$
I’ll kill you – summer walker
she ready – lil yachty ft pnb rock
wake up – fetty wap

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