jPay Message #475

In an article titled “Recovering from Long Covid,” the writers–a doctor and a health reporter–offers lifestyle changes as a remedy, instead of drugs, specifically exercise and meditation. Speaking of the two together, “the human body is one organic equilibrium that requires a balance of movement and stillness. If our movement and stillness be dynamically balanced…More

“The Art of Pettiness”

When direct communication fails, my only recourse is passive aggressive head games. Not just a bug, my bunkie’s a whiner too, always grumbling under his breath. Any time someone does something he doesn’t like, like breathe too loud, he sighs “on boy” or “aw man.” Little does he know that when you share such a…More

jPay Message #470

I’m “typewriter” guy now. There are worse hustles, and this one’s actually legit. People need stuff typed up all the time–legal documents, tickets, letters– and are either too lazy or too dumb to do it themselves. The going rate is .50/page, which takes about a half hour.  The typewriter has memory, so you can type…More


I tried to shoot my shot for some contacts and was rebuffed with prejudice. My prescription would have to be three times stronger than it is right now to qualify for contact lenses under MDOC policy. Basically, only the blind are allowed them. I don’t wear glasses much in the world as it is, so…More

jPay Message #460

Lifestyle, work, and relationships are some of the main ways we define ourselves and find meaning. The best argument for regular exercise (to me) is that it’s the most reliable way to feel good about yourself. We were evolved to break a sweat everyday. Working out once probably gives the approximate relief that a dose…More

jPay Message #455

Hottest day of the year and the power’s out. No fans, no TVs, nothing electronic save the battery life of your tablet. It’s just you, your mind, and a 150 others cramped in this tiny pole barn, like we’re all in the hole. This is doing time. There’s no respite–we’ve been stuck inside all day…More

Books I Read This Month (July2022)

Avengers vs. Xmen – Aaron, Bendis et al.A State of Fear – Laura DodsworthThe Joy of Mindful Journaling – Tara WardDie: Fantasy Heartbreaker – Kieron Gillen & Stephanie HaarLight from Many Lamps – ed. Lillian Eichler WatsonInjustice: Gods Among Us Vol. 1 – B. Buccellato, B. Redendo et al. You know what’s freaking awesome?! Naps.…More