jPay Message #510

I’ve been reading this book, “The Daily Stoic”, for almost a month now, and even use the accompanying journal. The book has an entry for each day of the year, usually featuring a quote from an ancient Roman thinker along with commentary by the others; the journal poses a corresponding question for morning and evening…More


jPay Message #506

Any time a female walks across the yard it’s an event, like a sexy alien is suddenly in our presence. Everyone cranes their necks for a look, and half stop what they’re doing to stare. In the weight pit, dude literally paused mid-rep to talk about what he’d do to “dat ass.” He wasn’t the…More

jPay Message #505

If you’re a hardcore environmentalist, the way people live in here would drive you crazy. It even bothers me. For starters, everyone flushes at least 5 times per dump. Letting it marinate is not an option. There’s also a lot of copycat “Wet Bandits”om H who turn on sinks and leave them running. They do…More

“Toilet Flush Cuts”

Along with a mattress softer than a carpeted floor and taking a shower without flip flops on, there’s nothing I look forward to then getting a haircut in an actual barbershop. Now, technically, there is a barbershop in the school building, but they’re only allowed to give a cut of one length all the way…More

jPay Message #500

The hardest days are the cold days, the bleak days when there’s no sun, the days of despair when I wake up and try to hold onto dreams I can’t quite remember, but can’t fall back asleep. Outside, the wind makes the temperature feel like zero, but it’s the promise I made myself–I force myself…More

jPay Message #496

The new cubies and I are chopping it up before our unit is called to chow, bitching about the retarded line workers. We’re still getting to know each other, so we go around talking about what we’re in for. Junior, at this point, tries to quietly fade into the background of the conversation. The two…More

jPay Message #495

It’s either the best of days or the worst. Depending on how you jail, you eagerly anticipate the arrival of store day or dread it. The day marks the deadline to settle all accounts. Store day is a week long affair that comes every other week. Only two units get their store each day, so…More