“Crude Reminder”

so today we had a k2 incident, or what seemed like one. some new guy from Saginaw just started talking reckless and then swung on the tattoo guy, who’s just a tale skinny white guy. the head of an “organization” intervened and dawg turned on him. well, obviously, horrible idea because a bunch of his minions joined in the fray and the dude ended up getting the dog shit knocked out of him. I was coming back from chow when I saw puddles of blood in and at the entrance of a cube not far from mine. I thought someone got stabbed which would’ve been the third one this month, but didn’t actually see anyone on the floor or obviously injured. in fact I didn’t see who it was until the cops dragged him out in cuffs, no shoes, and no sense of what was going on. he obviously had some sorta mental issue like schizophrenia, which is why everyone thinks he did a hit of k2 off the hoodie mack, triggering his breakdown. things have been especially wild lately, after a summer of relative peace. whatever, I’m just gonna keep my head down, do everybody right that I fuck with, and stay out of the way.

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