Books I Read Last Month (Dec 2020)

Mind is the Master – James Allen
Real Magic: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science& a Guide to the Secret Power of the Universe – Dean Radin
Becoming a Writer – Dorothea Brande
You are Your Own Gym – Mark Lauren

The days pass quickest when I approach each day like I’ve a job to do…well, not so much a job, but some overarching, meaning-bestowing goal. Some future possibility I could achieve by orienting all my day-to-day activities towards that end. 

my “job” is to wake, wash up, workouts and write (I’m only noticing the W’s now…) after some time (which I’ve got plenty of) will arise from memorializing this slow motion train wreck and look good while I’m at it.

Like, the idea I can design a set routine that addresses and makes progress towards my every goal…that’s kinda revolutionary. Its redemptive as well. 

Like, if I do hundreds of push ups and squats every day, or the calisthetic workouts laid out in Lauren’s “You Are Your Own Gym”, write for at least an hour every day, and multiple that by 1500, and the cumulative result would be amazing. only a few weeks have elapsed where I’ve strictly adhered to that regimen, and I’ve already made huge strides in both areas.

I want to tell you how long this streak of “good” days is, but I dont wanna jinx it; I’m superstitious and for good reason– the pop science “Real Magic” assembles swathes of data proving the existence of magic/psi powers. there have been lab experiments studying the effect of psi powers, and while their potency is muted, the result are statistically significant. Magic is real. 

The law of attraction is a modern example of magic. When used effectively, it can literally warp spacetime towards that persons desired end. the more drastic a change & powerful the magic, the more violently will the world snap back and react to the disturbance. Living in the present, conscious awareness, etc. are flow states required for the efficacious use of psi-magical powers, like clairvoyance, remote viewing, telepathy, among others. 

There things are all addressed in “Mind is the Master” a compilation of Allen’s writing serving as the Bible for the inspirational self-help genre. He was the first, floating the wisdom of the ages in such a populist, digestible format. Think, “The secret” + “How to win friends and influence people” + “the power of now.” I can always flip to a random page and discover an awesome bit of knowledge, of the kind that transforms your life. 

Finally, Dorothea Brande’s “Becoming a Writer” had a huge effect on my outlook and my approah to writing. The genius of the book is the authors honest diagnosis of what really troubles the writer–problems of confidence and inspiration. Her commonsense solutions have only yielded astonishing results. 

Her precept that a real writer will put open to paper, (finger to screen in my case) everyday no matter the lack of inspiration or chemical stimulation. For too long I relied on these two states to produce a lot of my work. But now, steadily churning out something new every day, the work may come in smaller chunks but it’s more consistent, higher quality overall. 

So, in sum, I’m trying to pressure cook the knowledge of all these books into one, and then transmute it into a super powerful spell, cast to change my life.

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