“Empathy For Aliens”

Reading David Icke is like an internet comment section as book. Every consiracy is true–thats his general thesis.

he ties together all the disparate conspiracy theories, and wraps it up in some metaphysical discussion: the holograph universe, life as a computer game, ancient aliens, life as The Matrix, etc. etc.

Maybe it’s COVID but doesnt all of life increasingly have a digital “unrealness”? I got sentenced to 8 years over a Zoom call, for chrissakes. How’s that for impersonal?

It’s like life is palying Sims, you and your whole physicalexistence is limited by its encoded rules, but the real you is not that character, but the person playing the game, outside the game. 

I’m just experiencing this reality as 30 year old college-educated white convict living in the most powerful democracy/ republic ever, in terminal decline…

If trumps taught us anything, it’s that we need to move beyond politics to find new solutions. the answers to our malaise isn’t by having unchecked power; It’s from a greater understanding of each other.

The Golden Rule was a good stat, but it’d be moe accurate and honest to say, “Act is they were you right now, at the same time.” Every thought and action resonates into the universe.

I think the best way to feel empathy for another is to try writing in the first person as someone else. Try to do it as an alien observing humanity for millenia.

I feel like this is mankind’s 2nd or 3rd iteration, the current one starting after the Flood. Maybe we have evolved this far technologically before in the distant past, but suffered a calamity that reduced the population purposefully–whether God, aliens, reptilians, an AI gone rogue, a supercomputer like HAL, or machines like The Matrix…

In some ways, theyre all true and the names/words used are incidental. Like ontology: if i can think of it as a concept, it exists in reality.

Open up your mind a little bit, and you start seeing a lot more.

I pay attention to politis and have some strong political opinions, but I dont vote. personally, I think this makes me more objective. my ego isnt invested in one outcome over another. The 1st and last time.

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