jPay Message #196

The convict code almost requires a blithe indifference to any calendar. Counting days can drive a man insane; 6 months to the door is generally considered the appropriate time to start thinking about release.

Even so, I can’t help making mental notes in regards to important milestones:

In four days Ill have officially made it two years at the same joint. Three weeks from now will mark the one year anniversary of my first release date.

I received my last visit nine months ago, which was not only the last time visits were allowed, but was also the last time that I had hugged another human being. I haven’t had any kind of physical contact more intimate than a handshake or fist pound since January.

My unofficial count is two years, five months, and two weeks since I last felt a woman’s touch. (Or is it one week and six days?) I was arrested two years, five months, two weeks, and one day ago.

Prison is starting to wear on me. I’m falling into fits of despair. Maybe it’s the cold weather. Maybe it’s just election anxiety.

I’m certain a lot of it is due to the quarantine that’s been imposed on the prison because of positive covid tests. No visits, limited yard. We get 45 minutes in the morning to go outside, save the walks to and from the chow hall. It’s dehumanizing. I wonder how bad lockdowns in the world are.

The whole compound has been getting tested once a week for two months now. No one has ever exhibited symptoms or actually been sick. It wasn’t until the third week that anyone even tested positive. Those unfortunate souls are whisked away across the street for medical surveillance.

The lack of privileges in the positive-test quarantine unit has it functioning like the hole. Every positive case has eventually returned after a few weeks, their test being deemed a false positive.

Watching the media’s fearmongering about corona virus (with its transparent political goals) makes me question how reliable those covid numbers are. I’m a skeptic by nature and the limited data I’ve seen suggests a starkly different than the one painted by the mainstream media. They claim to be pro-science but they have a poor grasp of the numbers.

I don’t have the internet and don’t see social media, so my only source of information is tv, but I feel like cable news is rife with the kind of disinformation and “fake news” they complain about.

Plus, their track record of dishonesty is stunning. When someone or something is trying to convince me of something without evidence, but through assertion and shaming, my bullshit detector goes off.

They never break down the numbers in detail so viewers can know what the real danger is to the average person. Like, how many more deaths do we have this year than the average year? Can someone tell me that? That’s not a rhetorical question, I really want to know.

That number would be a better indicator of the true impact of coronavirus rather than the total number of deaths without any context. The U.S. is a country of 350 million people after all.

I’ve only heard it reported once that 41% of covid deaths occurred in assisted-living facilities. That population is at-risk for death, period, and not just from covid. Moreover, how many positive cases are just false positives like we’ve had over and over?

I have a feeling that when the smoke clears and we can dispassionately assess this pandemic, we’ll look on with horror at the lies, distortions, and obfuscations in a way that’ll make the false reports of Iraq’s WMD program look like a harmless white lie.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You should post more pieces, more often ! 🙂 great stuff !


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