Books I Read This Month (May2022)

Atomic Habits – James ClearHow to Meditate: A Guide to Self-Discovery – Lawrence LeshanSelf-Intelligence: the New Science-Based Approach for Reaching Your True Potential – Jane RansomThis Is Your Mind On Plants – Michael PollanThe Act of Living: What the Great Psychologists Can Teach Us About Finding Fulfillment – Frank Tallis You can tell from the…More

“Writer’s Rules”

You gotta find some way to fill up your day. It may sound nice in theory to sit around all day and watch tv, like calling in sick, but to be doing it day after day will make a person suicidal. That’s why so many inmates have some creative outlet, like art, writing, or rapping.…More

jPay Message #418

Exercise has become an essential pillar of how-I-do-my-bit, which is as sacrosanct a concept as any to inmates, because they’re buoyed by a pair of truisms: everybody does their time differently; secondly, no one knows better than the guy whose doing the time on how best to do it. That being said, there are definitely…More

jPay Message #415

Each morning, I groggily wake up to the fact that I’m in prison, sometimes with an attitude, or in despair. I’m getting used to it–this is my life now. If I can’t yet handle it, I try to go back to sleep, but always fail. That transition from pleasant freedom of a dream to the…More

“The Ride In”

No one wants to be white in prison. My (black) drug dealer, the same one who set me up on the first dope case, told me that long ago. I’ve learned that the hard way. On the ride in from county jail, I was the only white guy out of a dozen in the transport…More

“A Shitty Mental Health Tip”

When the day ahead of you has nothing to offer more exciting than daytime television and pushups, making sure to take a big shit each day becomes a prerequisite for sanity. Not one of those rabbit turds, all little pellets, but a massive dump that leaves you red-faced and perspiring.  Because I’m a nerd who…More

jPay Message #409

Every day is a ritual. At night the most you have to look forward is whatever comes on TV, or whatever movies the prison plays. The local news is popular because they often do stories on prison and good time. Good time has become a pipe dream for any inmate with a decent chunk of…More