Books I Read This Month (June2022)

The Building – Will EisnerNew York – Will EisnerInvisible People- Will EisnerThe Dreamer – Will EisnerBatman: Year One – Frank MillerPandemia – Alex BerensonBreathing for Warriors – Belisa VranichOuter Order, Inner Calm – Gretchen Rubin This month’s reading was a combination of my two literary guilty pleasures: comics and self-help. Will Eisner, if you’re unfamiliar…More

“Stuck In The 90s”

All the electronics are outdated. The technology is all from 20 years ago, like middle school all over again. I walk listening to a Sony portable radio. There’s only access to a very primitive form of the internet, consisting of not-instant email and a knockoff (and expensive) iTunes. My tablet doesn’t have WiFi or internet…More

jPay Message #425

Prison made me realize how, not necessarily a job, but work gives your life purpose. There’s actual full-time jobs, like in the kitchen, washing dishes for 50 hours week for .17/ hour, but most prison jobs are like part-time gigs with some perks, it’s not about the money. Porters use the phone during count, yard…More

jPay Message #420

At first, I just wanted time go by as fast as possible. 2922 days, each one basically the same, let’s just get em over with. I learned how to do that quickly, and in several ways, and could’ve gone on like that for 2-3 years easily, without much self-reflection. In fact, that’s how a ton…More

Books I Read This Month (May2022)

Atomic Habits – James ClearHow to Meditate: A Guide to Self-Discovery – Lawrence LeshanSelf-Intelligence: the New Science-Based Approach for Reaching Your True Potential – Jane RansomThis Is Your Mind On Plants – Michael PollanThe Act of Living: What the Great Psychologists Can Teach Us About Finding Fulfillment – Frank Tallis You can tell from the…More

“Writer’s Rules”

You gotta find some way to fill up your day. It may sound nice in theory to sit around all day and watch tv, like calling in sick, but to be doing it day after day will make a person suicidal. That’s why so many inmates have some creative outlet, like art, writing, or rapping.…More

jPay Message #418

Exercise has become an essential pillar of how-I-do-my-bit, which is as sacrosanct a concept as any to inmates, because they’re buoyed by a pair of truisms: everybody does their time differently; secondly, no one knows better than the guy whose doing the time on how best to do it. That being said, there are definitely…More