“Books I read this month (Oct.2022)

Taboo: 10 Facts You Can’t Talk About – Wilfred Reilly
Ronin – Frank Miller
Paper Girls (vol. 1&2) – Brian K Vaughan

Mixed it up last month, half pop cult art and serious sociology.

“Taboo” is the kind of book that’d get you cancelled for reading in public, but is a quiet hit in prison, secretively passed around with a cautionary preamble. The whole point of the book is to discuss topics religiously left unsaid in today’s society, largely the differences in group behavior, particularly between races in the areas of IQ, crime, and achievement. The author is black, so he gets to present this information without immediately being condemned as racist and suspected of the worst. He also attacks some pillars of belief among the alt-right, although mostly in the details. As Reilly points out, the information is far less threatening or demeaning as hysterical wokesters fear, and its suppression from public discussion is part of what fuels the animosity between groups.

“Ronin” is about a Japanese samurai transported to an overcrowded, dystopian New York City where a corrupt mega corporation seeks to unleash a new technology that’ll destroy the world. In the meantime, ancient rivalries are renewed. This is the distant, mature cultural ancestor of the cartoon “Samurai Jack.”

I decided to check out “Paper Girls” because Amazon Prime turned it into a show. When I finished, I compared Stranger Things because it depicts 4 young girls riding around bikes in 1980s suburban America when some weird, paranormal shit starts happening. When I got the second one, I saw the blurb on the back cover calling it “the feminist Stranger Things” and realized I wasn’t the only genius to make that obvious connection.

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  1. Dot Says... says:

    I’m going to read Taboo! It sounds very interesting. Thanks for sharing.


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