I tried to shoot my shot for some contacts and was rebuffed with prejudice. My prescription would have to be three times stronger than it is right now to qualify for contact lenses under MDOC policy. Basically, only the blind are allowed them.

I don’t wear glasses much in the world as it is, so I already detest having to wear em, but the default frames the state provides compounds the issue. Clear plastic at the nose, brown on the sides, these coke bottle lenses are infamously known as “Chomo 5000s” in every michigan prison and for good reason. Black, white, brown, doesn’t matter who you are, wearing them instantly make you look like you’d rape the shit out of some little kids.

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  1. Dot Says... says:

    As I read this it dawned on me how we all judge right out of the gate on looks, clothing, accessories etc. It’s human nature, none the less it’s sad.
    Can we buy them for you? Here in Texas the family and friends can provide things through the prison or an approved vendor. Just throwing it out there.


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