jPay Message #455

Hottest day of the year and the power’s out. No fans, no TVs, nothing electronic save the battery life of your tablet. It’s just you, your mind, and a 150 others cramped in this tiny pole barn, like we’re all in the hole. This is doing time.

There’s no respite–we’ve been stuck inside all day because of covid testing, so the unit’s basically a sauna, with each person’s body heat adding to the misery. You sweat just from moving. Not even. My sheets are soaked from laying down. Half the unit is shirtless, just to get comfortable.

Some guys just lie there and groan, fanning themselves, glistening with sweat. Others play cards and bullshit by the open windows in the day room. Me, I do pushups, 500 of em, because if this is the jungle, than I’m gonna be a lion.


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