jPay Message #404

It’s early morning, yard’s just opened. Im headed out to exercise when awhole slew cops escort a cuffed inmate walk by me. But I never saw what lead up to that. Then the sirens start blaring, and I know what time it is…emergency count.

Some are slow to shuffle off the yard, to the chagrin of the guards, who are yelling at them. Over the loudspeaker, a stern voice intones: “Yard is closed. Exit the yard immediately. Return to your unit.”

Inside, is already abuzz with rumors of what dude got caught with…dope, a cellphones, knife. Inside, inmates surreptitiously hide their little contraband , like remotes or battery packs, preparing for a raid. If they bring in the red tags for training you can count on all your shit being tossed around. At least it could be a lot worse. In other units Ive seen guys shove grams of meth up their ass during one these special counts and then snort it later, covered in doo doo. I lock in a much tamer unit now, thankfully.

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