jPay Message #399

From the time I wake up until I go to bed, my tv’s on. It’s my constant connection, although skewed, to the outside world. In the morning, it’s Charmed and Two Broke Girls, if only cuz nothing else is on and the main characters are all babes. In the afternoon, it’s King of the Hill, because it’s easy to nod off to for a siesta. There’s more variety at night, but Big Bang Theory, which I always thought of like nerd version of Two and Half Man (that is, retarded and funny-if-I’m-drunk kinda way), marks the end of the day for me, because it only comes on after chow. Lately, I’ve really been into Pivoting, which is surprisingly funny, and Joe Millionaire, which is no Temptation Island, but entertaining and full of hottie boom bodies, especially a crazy one named Carolyn. 

If Im not really paying attention to it, espn will be the default channel if only to check the line on tonight’s NBA games. My homeboy runs a pool so I put up 3 soups and filled out a ticket. (i always support the hustle of people i fuck with, like running a ticket or making fudge.) Pick the most winners against the spread to win. The tiebreaker is the point total for the last game. I’ve yet to win, but at least the games are more interesting. As far as I’m concerned, being able to bullshit knowledgeably about basketball in the dayroom is promoting racial harmony in my little world.

Plus, watching over the course of the season reminds me how time has passed from the opener to the playoffs– which is good cuz as long as I’vema release date,I always have something to look forward to.

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