jPay Message #400

I’ve mentioned in the past that prison affords you plenty of opportunity to improve yourself and work on how you react to others, especially when they’re shitheads. I watched the new PBS documentary on Ben Franklin the other day. When he was young, he constantly tried to improve himself and he kept track of his…More

“Surreality Part 2”

Each morning, I groggily wake up to the fact that I’m in prison, sometimes with an attitude, or in despair. I’m getting used to it–this is my life now. If I can’t yet handle it, I try to go back to sleep, but always fail. That transition from pleasant freedom of a dream to the…More

jPay Message #399

From the time I wake up until I go to bed, my tv’s on. It’s my constant connection, although skewed, to the outside world. In the morning, it’s Charmed and Two Broke Girls, if only cuz nothing else is on and the main characters are all babes. In the afternoon, it’s King of the Hill,…More

jPay Message #397

Im trying to figure what else i can do with my time. I have a lot to spend. A day in prison is devoid of meaning and responsibility, a nihilist’s wet dream. Im trying what I can to make it full of meaning and purpose. I write, read, and keep a dream journal. Work out…More