jPay Message #394

A guys running a pool for the Daytona 500, and I threw in 2 soups. I got to pick two poker chips out of a bag with the car numbers on them. For the first time ever, I’m excited for a NASCAR race, which is the whitest feeling I’ve had in awhile. Being in prison just underscores it.

i got into Indycar and Formula One last year. My dad and grandpa, especially, used to watch them, and still are fans. Watching them makes me feel closer to them in a way I can’t be right now, like we were watching it together. The advantage NASCAR has are the fiery crashes and many lead changes. I’ve watched a Formula One race where Lewis Hamilton literally lead every single lap of the race; although frequent, the crashes in Indycar look tame compared to the visceral damage to stock cars after an accident

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