jPay Message #381

On channel 6, one of the in-house prison lines, the prison admin broadcasts religious videos, alternating each day between various Muslim sects, Asastru (sp?), Buddhism, Wicca, etc.–basically, if any belief system practiced by prisoners. Catholics and Protestants have their own channel. The videos shown are never really interesting, instead they actually resemble poorly made infomercials.

Ordinarily, I just skip over the channel, although Ive tuned into Buddhist video once or twice out of sheer boredom.

However, because most everyone has their own, anytime there are tits-on-tv, some prisoner is gonna sniff em out like a bad fart, no matter the obscure channel theyre shown on. (Late-late TCm is the most reliable broadcaster of nudity.)

Today, I heard guys yelling about channel 6, so I tuned in. On grainy, very lofi film, some nubile young blonde walked into the middle of a circle chalked out on the floor, where a dozen candles burned on some makeshift altar. 

After reciting a brief prayer to the goddess, she promptly disrobed, and stood there stark naked. She continued on with her witchcraft chants in this same state for another 10 minutes. Cute with great tits, watching her chest heave with her prayers was enchanting on a whole nother level.

Still, if piquing my interest was the goal, then mission accomplished–I thought of changing my religious preference to Wicca. I wanna see the type of material reserved for believers…

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