Books I Read This Month (Nov./Dec.2021)

Dragonball- Akira ToriyamaHow Money Got Free: Bitcoin & the Future of FinanceConcrete Revolutio (Complete Saga) – Bones & NylonWatchmen – Alan Moore & Dave GibbonsThe Divine Spark: Psychedelics, Consciousness, and the Birth of Civilization – Graham Hancock et al.The Legend of Grimjack (Vol. 2) – Ostrander & TrumanJudgment Day – Alan MooreHate Inc. – Matt…More

jPay Message #381

On channel 6, one of the in-house prison lines, the prison admin broadcasts religious videos, alternating each day between various Muslim sects, Asastru (sp?), Buddhism, Wicca, etc.–basically, if any belief system practiced by prisoners. Catholics and Protestants have their own channel. The videos shown are never really interesting, instead they actually resemble poorly made infomercials.…More

jPay Message #380

Magazines –especially subscriptions–are a prized commodity in the joint. Obviously, Playboys remain the most desirable, but GQ, Esquire, Men’s Health are all very popular, too. I got ahold of some old Men’s Health & GQs from the past two years that Ive kept as my taking-a-shit lit. (Holy fuck, I didnt realize what a pompous,…More

jPay Message #375

Sometimes it’s hard to live up to the standards we set ourselves. So, for the last year, I’ve been reading from James Allen’s book of daily meditations. Today’s counsel was on humility, and not insisting on the last word, and accepting the appearance of defeat, which has proven a bitter pill to swallow. Two months…More