jPay Message #350

Im finally doing all those things that people tell you is good for your health–working, meditation, etc. Now, Im adding walks and drinking a lot of water to my daily routine. I wanna do everything I can to make sure Im as healthy as possible, mentally and physically. Plus, going for walks is great for clearing your head and losing yourself in your environment; it also gives me a chance to jam out to the new songs I bought on the kiosk.

Even though I was doing all the little things right, I still felt like there was an emptiness to my days. Sure, they were going by fast and I felt good about myself, but I knew there was more to it. I realized that my days needed to be guided by an overarching purpose (and ive read tons of books on how a sense of purpose gives you a sense of gratitude and happiness)…so that’s what I’ve been working on recently, that sense of purpose, and the goals leading up to that end.

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