jPay Message #355

Recently, all i talk about is working out and meditating…i must sound so fucking annoying. Paula Watkins’ “Meditation Made Simple” breaks down the act of meditation for everyone who was ever curious about or interested in meditation; each approach is given its own chapter, which, conveniently enough, total 52, one for each week of the…More

jPay Message #350

Im finally doing all those things that people tell you is good for your health–working, meditation, etc. Now, Im adding walks and drinking a lot of water to my daily routine. I wanna do everything I can to make sure Im as healthy as possible, mentally and physically. Plus, going for walks is great for…More

“Degenerate Woes”

Gambling is the one really degenerate facet of prison Ive yet to delve into more than a passing mention. From the choose-your-own-adventure viewpoint, the joint also functions as a shantytown casino where poker chips are old playing cards and antes are a soup each. There’s a poker table in every big day room, where there’s…More