“Prison Vices”

the three deadly sins in thejoint are gambling, gays, and dope. in quarantine, every incoming prisoner had to watch a video warning about their dangers and the scenarios that commonly arise. Football bets comprise two thirds of former. My fantasy football league has big end-of-year winnings and smaller weekly payoffs. Playing a “ticket” is the…More

jPay Message #341

The start of football season feels like the beginning of the holidays for some reason. Maybe it’s jus the penitentiary, but society as a whole seems like it too. For the Super Bowl, they give us special meal and snack, a treat they reserve only for holidays, like Christmas, 4th of July, Labor Day, and…More

jPay Message #333

My bunkie finally got his date from the parole board; he goes home next week. Im happy for him (although im uneasy about who may replace him). Hes been down since ’03, I was in junior high. He’s never seen a smartphone. I just let him know that it’s a totally different world than the…More

jPay Message #330

I only hate two types of people: chomos and two-faces. I can learn to like all the other ones, but those are the irredeemable.  There’s not so much shitty people here as there are people who have done a shitty thing. There’s murderers with a lot more respect and politeness than guys in here for…More

“No New Friends”

One of the things I get asked most frequently is: have you made many friends while locked up? Definitely, but its complicated, as Ill explain. Regardless, it’s still lonely as hell, even as Im sharing a “cube”–a glorified cell– with 7 other dudes. Lemme be 100 with you (which is the preamble of every con…More