jPay Message #301

Sometimes I’m struck with an idea and then set out to write something up but I’ll only write down a sentence or two and run out of steam. So lately I’ve been keeping all these aborted attempts on the same piece of paper. It’s like a medieval Twitter feed, in cursive, on paper, and depressing.

here are the last few:

–I’m watching Love Island and jus when it starts getting boring, they bring in 5 new girls. I forgot girls that fucking hot even exist in the wild.

–one thing I’ve been working on is not getting annoyed by other people. which is tough because you overhear every conversation around you ands some of those people have been watching cable TV all day. cable news makes you a jerk, not educated.

–remember when covid first started and we did the ”two weeks to stop the spread” and everyone was, if not scared, worried, but at the same time optimistic, thinking if they jus buckle down and stay home, using the extra free time to work on themselves and this bad spell will be over soon? Im trying for that kind of mentality everyday, but instead of 2 weeks or a few months, it’s almost 5 years.

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