jPay Message #300

Cuz of covid restrictions, we get half as much yard as we used to pre-pandemic.(yeah…I dunno what sense it makes to keep us inside cramped quarters with 150 other motherfuckers.) Fresh air never tasted so crisp and invigorating as when you’re incarcerated. That’s cuz, like everything else, it’s rationed out. I try to take advantage of this time as much as possible, especially when it’s nice like this. When I could go for a walk or soak up the sun willy nilly, whenever you want, I didnt even bother when I was in the streets.

First yard starts @8am, which I spend working out. Afternoon and evening yard open when diet/handicap is called to chow. Usually, I go with the second group called to chow,and then afterwards I flip down my clip-on sunglasses (swag), put in my headphones, tune into FM radio, and spin some laps, lapping up the sun rays.

Maybe I’ve spent too much time in bars, clubs, poolhalls, bowling alleys, basements and other dens of iniquity, but I feel like I get high off all the vitamin D. I gotta catch the sun while it’s here cuz Michigan winters are one longggg bummer. They’re lingerers, like the dude you sorta know that’s still at your spot for the after party but everybody else has left and gone home while you’ve got a girl with you. The sun may be scarce during the winter, but the air’s still brisk and salubrious(obvi a vocab word-of-the-day).

Then, there’s this: while I’ve only heard stories, of course, and can only imagine — turning it into some highly important, quasi-mythic moment– but the air, when you walk out these gates a free man, tastes like freedom and hums with magic.

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