jPay Message #297

Im officially burnt–I caught myself laughing at the Big Bang Theory. And then I watch another episode, and one after that, and enjoyed those too! Man, Ive been locked up too long…

I jus watched teh finales to a few good shows and the premiere of a few others: Mayans, the Secrets She Keeps, Gangs of London, Breeders, Cruel Summer. The last one was a teen suspense thriller on Freeform, kind of a mordern twist on Lolita, but with the added dimension of another girl intruding onto their tryst. I also watched mini-marathons of “Mr. mayor” and “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist.” Both are network comedies. The former stars Ted Danson and is co-created by Tina Fey. It feels like 30 Rock in its droll storytelling. The latter’s like magical realism–Zoey can hear “heart songs”, the song their innermost heart is singing.

I watched the two episode premiere of Dave, which wasnt as funny as last season. Personally, I find this ultra honest portrayal about his fucked up dick a little too depressing for me. Im already in prisoner; I dont wanna watch guy screw up with a girl and then go beat off into his pocket pussy. On the other hand, i was impressed by kevin Can Fuck Himself on AMC. The show adeptly jumps genres, from sitcom to drama and back. The presence of Kevin, her obnoxious Peter Griffin like husband, are written like a sitcom, punchlines and laugh tracks and all; the other halfof the show depicts her plotting to kill her husband. Im excited to see how the rest of the season pans out.

Also an overlooked classic is Siesta Key, which is basically a revamped Laguna Beach, but my opinion might jus be skewed because 50% of the show is jus girls lieing around on the beach in bikinis.

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