Spiderman was my fav superhero during my teen years. Not cuz i read the comics or anything–although I did own one Spiderman comic, that, alongside an issue of Swamp Thing, were the only comics I ever owned til I turned 25–but I was a big fan of the Tobey Maguire movies. I identified with his…More

jPay Message #309

It started out an unusually shitty morning. I found out half my store got refunded; the worst co was working, an autistic tyrant; the nerds still didn’t have my coffees for the comic books I gave em; and then I spilled my jar of coffee on the floor. I was fucking pissed. I wanted to…More

jPay Message #301

Sometimes I’m struck with an idea and then set out to write something up but I’ll only write down a sentence or two and run out of steam. So lately I’ve been keeping all these aborted attempts on the same piece of paper. It’s like a medieval Twitter feed, in cursive, on paper, and depressing.…More

jPay Message #300

Cuz of covid restrictions, we get half as much yard as we used to pre-pandemic.(yeah…I dunno what sense it makes to keep us inside cramped quarters with 150 other motherfuckers.) Fresh air never tasted so crisp and invigorating as when you’re incarcerated. That’s cuz, like everything else, it’s rationed out. I try to take advantage…More

“Zen and the Art of Table Fan Maintenance”

Something I’ve learned the hard way during this bit is the necessity of taking care of your fan. it’s only a shitty $15 6 inch two speed. My first one burned out due to carelessness; I’d leave it on for literally weeks on end, early cleaning it, never applying lubricant to the axle. One of…More