jPay Message #280

usually, a CO passes out mail during 4 o clock count, unobtrusively for the most part. My units the only one where the afternoon CO recites the bunk numbers of whoever got mail for the half hour preceding 4 o clock, and you has to go up the desk and get your mail. he does it to torture us, especially because it’s penitentiary nap time. every couple minutes he does it again, deliberate and insistent: ‘maybe some of you didn’t hear met first time around. come get your mail. 2, 4,7,8, 15……….154,155,160. come get it.”

by the third time everyones pissed and can’t believe what a miserable bastard he is. 

‘SHUT THE FUCK UP MOTHERFUCKER!!’ someone screams from their bunk. 

Another voice: ”suck my dick bitch!! fuck your mail!!”

Sometimes he’ll ask for whoever yelled to come to the front, which only sparks a chorus of ”you bitch” and ”pussy”. 

It happens so regularly on week days, it’s like clockwork. Like afternoon roll call in the joint.

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