“What I’ve learned About Working Out”

I’ve never really felt qualified to talk about exercising because i didnt possess the hard won knowledge from experience. Thats all changed. Ivee been working out consistently for the past 2 years straight, though definitely varying in intensity and frequency. But in the past 6 months,Ive really dedicated myself to it–high intensity workouts 6x a…More

“The Importance of Changing Pants”

Ive never owned a pair of True Religion or similarly expensive jeans. I was always a Levi’s man. but I’ve just invested the prison equivalent on some state-issued blue scrubs. Originally, they were cardboard starchy and way too big, like the huge parachute pants you’d see teens wear in Hot Topic. In the yard’s best…More

jPay Message #280

usually, a CO passes out mail during 4 o clock count, unobtrusively for the most part. My units the only one where the afternoon CO recites the bunk numbers of whoever got mail for the half hour preceding 4 o clock, and you has to go up the desk and get your mail. he does…More

“Politics As Usual”

There’s one positive changing my mindset that’s been absorbed thru prison culture. Although I’ve never been overtly political in adulthood, but I would get upset by politics. I was more vocal about my political stances as a teen, then went thru a change of heart after voting for the first time in the 2008 presidential…More

jPay Message #277

After 3 years, I’ve lived with all types of people, of all colors, shapes, and sizes. My cube now has been the most hospitable to doing time, but that’s not to say its without its downsides. It’s a statistical certainty that out of 8 random male adults, two of them will be douchebags.  The 2…More

jPay Message #276

in the summer time the pole barns get hot, smelly, and miserable, becoming the world’s biggest Dutch ovens. Everything is either sticky or wet. I flushed the urinal and soaked my hand in the process. Despite the bes efforts of the porters, the place feels disease-ridden.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. It is prison…More

Books I read this month (May2021)

Buddy Does Jersey & Buddy Buys a Dump – Peter BaggeLife On Another Planet – Will EisnerThe Book You Were Born to Write – Kelly NotarasThe Tao of Physics – Fritjof CapraCommunion – Whitley Strieber12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos – Jordan Peterson This month was comparatively light on reading, but thats partly…More