“Overdosing on Reality TV”

The newest seasons of all the best reality/ dating shows are now playing. What stands out in contrast to previous years is their depiction of life during covid. The cast is jus emerging from quarantine and must comply with a litany of restrictions and precautions, like everyone else. Moreover, they’re not just traumatized by covid–we all…More

jPay Message #270

Some guys do their whole bit on the phone. I can’t. I find it depressing to call home all the time. There’s only so much to talk about when you’re locked up. They jus instituted a policy that blocks you from redialing for 15 minutes after your last completed call. Finally. This was much needed.…More


This past Saturday marked my fourth birthday locked up. It was the best one so far, in that it wasnt much different than any other day. (Last year I was getting sentenced a couple days after, and had no idea what kind of time I was gonna get. I was shook.) My new bunkie gave…More

“Crank Tanker”

Considering how deep in the drug game I was, methwas surprisingly elusive. despite knowing tons of adderall users, doing meth was simply taboo (for good reason). even if I wanted to, there was no one I could turn to buy some. I neither knew anyone with access nor who had used it a lot. I…More