jPay Message #269

Ive been meditating in the morning after reading a James Allen passage from his book of daily meditations, and lately at night as well. Whats cool is that its a spiritual skill you can actually practice. Before I start I make my intention known to the universe that I come in love and peace. Im not trying to start a cult–I just think I encountered an alien intelligence in my dreams a few weeks ago (Im super cereal). Still Ive never told anyone I dont wanna be made fun of and called a fag. Here’s today reading:

“While a man is engaged in resisting evil, he is not only not practicing the good, he is actually involved in the like prejudice which he condemns in another, and as a direct result of his attitude of mind, hehimself is resisted by others as evil. Resist a man, a party, a religion, a government, as evil, and you yourself will be resisted as evil. He who considers it as a great evil that he should be persecuted and condemned, let him cease to persecute and condemn, Let him turn away from all that he has hitherto regarded as evil and begin to look for the good. So deep and far-reaching is this precept that the practice of it will take a man far up the heights of spiritual knowledge and attainment.”

This is apropos for the times we live in, but particularly so for me personally right now. i’ve been bumping heads with my bunkie, permanently it seems. hes like a darker tyler perry doing the aunt madea impersonation without drag; his transition lenses give him an extra rapey vibe. I used to just take him as a joke but his hostility towards the world can only be explained by his dumpster baby origins. He’s a master of projection, assigning his motives and hangups to everyone around him. In his world, everyone’s either racist or secretly gay. My practice of meditation has aided my restraint and stopped me from fighting him, realizing Im giving power over my emotional state if I were to do that, which is just what he wants.

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