jPay Message #265

We had covid testing again today and more than ever is there an obvious scam going on. We restarted testing 90 days after every one on the compound (save for the few people who had already had it when it first broke out), and every week there’s a few positives. Even though every prisoner and guard had already gotten sick and testing positive, and half are vaccinated. While there were a few false positives over the summer, it happens much more often now. I think I know why…

I researched the PCR tests used to diagnose a positive cases, and found out the test only meant for laboratory use. Since it only looks for part of the genetic code, it would make sense that you are more likely to have a false positive after you have already been infected. We didn’t magically lose immunity after 90 days.

None of these new “positives” have ever showed symptoms. Some are fully vaccinated. They jus get quarantined in the gym. It feels like you’re jus randomly selected, but like the guards chose you just to fuck with you. Or because you’re a nuisance or a person of suspect. I don’t fucking know. But it’s not cause you’re sick.

We’re now on “outbreak status” and featured on the local news. But no one is fucking sick.

(And not only that, but you’re not in danger. I was one of two thousand who got it at the same time so I saw how other people reacted. Even the 65 yo diabetic with stage 4 cancer who locks in my cube got by without hospitalization. If you’re really worried, stop drinking and do a push up. )

since I’m already in prison, I can’t be bullied by the outrage mob for saying these obvious truths. Actually, I’d welcome them at this point. I want the traffic. 

I dunno how it happens, it seems the world is losing its mind without me (OK, my absence may not be why), but from what I see on the news, any one who questions the narrative is branded a racist for some reason. Or worse, a threat to other’s safety.

Firsty, I’d love for any righteous whites to come at me for “racism” because i vaguely threaten them, as they quickly realize I interact with more black people in one day than they do in a decade. More meaningful interactions, too.

Secondly, as inmates we’re unanimously opposed to the admin. It’s not the guards or even up front but the state capitol issuing these directives. They’ve taken away everything, and yet everyone still got sick. No one gets on someone’s case for wearing a mask…no, it’s clear the authorities have no fucking idea what they’re doing and that dishonesty is what we resent.


  1. Josh Weigand says:

    Covid killed the flu


    1. Brendan says:

      Hey what up Josh this is Andy , Jake is currently MIA so I have to take over the duty of engaging with our readers(his only job). But yeah COVID did kill the flu in fact I’ve tried to find the number of deaths by flu and you can’t it’s nowhere to be found on Google . What a crock of shit


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