“Whatever Works”

It’s crazy the little things I miss…or the stuff I never knew I liked. I’ve been doing crosswords all weekend; now wanna design my own and maybe write out a cheat sheet, though still puzzling out how to make that sound cool.. Another strange thing I’ve found myself watching is the Michigan softball team in…More

“The Plot Thickens”

Since coming down, I’ve learned a lot about crime and criminals. Like, 90% of robberies/ home invasions are an inside job. This truism is apparent in a bunch of PSIs, and then I’ve seen it in action tons of times. If someone is robbed in prison, usually it’s their bunkie or another cubie in collaboration with…More

“Dreaming Brand New”

I got the post workout blow, really feeling myself, rocking blue sweats and a beater. pulling it off, too. for once, things have been going well, but i cant believe it took until here. Im grinding on all cylinders: writing, working out, and little habits of self-discipline. I can start to see the vision; it’s coming in to…More

jPay Message #269

Ive been meditating in the morning after reading a James Allen passage from his book of daily meditations, and lately at night as well. Whats cool is that its a spiritual skill you can actually practice. Before I start I make my intention known to the universe that I come in love and peace. Im…More

Books I read this month (March2021)

Godel, Escher, Bach: an Eternal Golden Braid – Douglas HofstadterThey’re Not Listening – Ryan GirduskyPower Vs. Force – David HawkinsCampusland – Scott JohnstonThe Complete Neat Stuff – Peter BaggeWill Eisner: Champion of the Graphic Novel – Paul Levitz This review has been a long time coming and in a lot of way its JTT- that…More

jPay Message #265

We had covid testing again today and more than ever is there an obvious scam going on. We restarted testing 90 days after every one on the compound (save for the few people who had already had it when it first broke out), and every week there’s a few positives. Even though every prisoner and…More