jPay Message #259

thoughts become actions, actions become habits, habits become life. I’m slowly learning this, but prison jus reinforces the point. I feel like you thoughts seep out and affect others. conversely, I’m feeling the energy emanating from others. Maybe its all the testosterone. Maybe it’s the lack of buffers.

Not to sound like someone who jus tripped acid, but I’m feeling a part of this collective consciousness, which goes beyond prison, and into the minds of every human being and sentient life. Consciousness defines all of them, like living in a conscious universe. The energy driving my own thoughts and behavior, not that “feeling of I” but whatever’s deeper than that. There’s levels to this shit. 

Case in point, I wrote a post and title I “Angels with Filthy Souls” which is the name of that movie Kevin watches in Home Alone. It stars an old-timey gangsta named Snakes. Literally, the day that was posted I overheard two guys in the bathroom reciting lines from that movie within a movie. The guy in shower was like, “you got 10 seconds to get ur yella, no good keister off my property…” and the other dude finished the line: “one, two…ten!”

Holy shit. There’s a basic honesty about prison life. You can’t hide anything–other inmates scoop up your thoughts and repeat them to you…


  1. Oh wow, this is pretty interesting. Are you actually Brendan who’s posting it, and are you still in prison posting these? What intriguing stories. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Brendan says:

      I’m his brother he sends them to me and then I post them. And yes he is currently incarcerated.


    2. Brendan says:

      Stuart thanks for reading and taking time to comment and support the blog . I’ll share this with my brother and it will help keep him motivated . And comments like yours keeps me motivated to create something worthwhile out of this. Much love


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