jPay Message #250

I jus bought a 2015 SI swimsuit edition, continuing my little porn bender. what I like about the SI swimsuit magazines is that they’re porn you can look at shamelessly in public. You don’t get second looks as much as if they were grainy black-and-whites of Sasha Grey getting DPed. 

there’s something to be said about skimpy bikinis and using your imagination…it’s kinda hotter. Or that might be the quality of chick that poses for si versus Playboy, and those Goliath books. the si swimsuit has the sexiest women in the world; they make a good living posing in underwear and swimsuits. Playmates are just a notch below them.

the “models” in the Goliath book answered a craigslist ad or replied to a random DM, and got paid $150 and/or in drugs. (a few are a hit of meth away from blowing the cameraman…)

a few notes after perusing the 2015 swimsuit edition (yeah I know its 2021, making these babes throwbacks in boner years): a model photographer has gotta be one of the top 10 jobs in the world; overalls/shorts combo is kerosene on a raging boner; si swimsuit has the best looking models. like, they’re so hot theyre rich and (semi) famous for NOT showing everything.

has Emily ratajkowski ever had sex? there’s a good chance she’s still a virgin…every guy she’s been with prolly came (in his pants) before he could put it in her, right when he realized it was on. holy smokes!

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