“Empathy For Aliens”

Reading David Icke is like an internet comment section as book. Every consiracy is true–thats his general thesis. he ties together all the disparate conspiracy theories, and wraps it up in some metaphysical discussion: the holograph universe, life as a computer game, ancient aliens, life as The Matrix, etc. etc. Maybe it’s COVID but doesnt…More

“So you’re going to prison…”

ok, you fucked up, and it’s time to pay the piper. millions do everyday. it’s alright to start admitting you had bigger drinking/drugging problem than “a joint every other weekend.” you’re going to a place where “worldly success” skews towards higher testosterone levels rather than higher IQ levels. there’s nothing I could say that’d adequately…More

“Penitentiary Paychecks for COVID Relief”

The federal stimulus checks are the hottest thing to hit the yard since sub oxen (I know it’s one word, the space is just a new tactic to evade the censors). It’s revolutionized the way guys are doing their time. Every inmate –save for those listed as someone else’s dependent–has been eligible to receive the…More

“Prison Playlist Problems”

Only recently have I actually had some money left over to purchase songs for my jpay tablet. this little problem has metastasized into a significant dilemma that’s consumed a good part of the past two days.  Most songs cost 1.99, unless they’re a remix or quite old (and unpopular), in which case the price for…More

“Randy Meth Man Savage”

In my first months coming down, I became cool with this dude Randy who moved into my cube. Prison was so new and foreign then, equal parts dull, dangerous, and unsettling. What made it so much worse was a visit from some detectives about a friend who had passed away from an overdose. They brought…More


I think one of the biggest misconceptions people have about prison is the liviv space. While most TV shows either depict the county jail or a higher security prison, where inmates are kept two to a cell, most level ones in MDOC consist of pole-barns. Each pole-barn is divided into two units, one on the…More

jPay Message #259

thoughts become actions, actions become habits, habits become life. I’m slowly learning this, but prison jus reinforces the point. I feel like you thoughts seep out and affect others. conversely, I’m feeling the energy emanating from others. Maybe its all the testosterone. Maybe it’s the lack of buffers. Not to sound like someone who jus…More