“The skinny on skinheads”

I thought fersure I was gonna get along with Nazis or any other white supremacist group. we already had an environmental affinity for and natural predisposition to one another; that is, we were both white guys in prison. despite being hotbeds of racism, few avowed white supremacists, neo-nazis, or Aryan brotherhood types stomp around the prison yard, at least in Michigan–I’m sure, say, North Dakota’s DOC is a different experience.

among the few I have encountered, even fewer are vocal about their beliefs. in the most favorable light, their tenets revolve around the welfare of white people, and its continued existence, and less about hating black people. 

Case study: “Red” from flint, a habitual offender covered head to toe in tattoos, including a prominent swastika on his forehead. 

He caught a lot of shit for that tattoo but in reality, he got along well with all the gangbangers and most blacks. he wasn’t really a racist as much as someone who felt that his “whiteness” was definitive and vital to his identity. He frequently pointed out how white guys become prime targets for a variety of predators, and lamented how they allow the “soft” label to persist by hesitating to fight, and letting aggressive behavior go unchecked.

Another aspect of his credo held that like should only reproduce with like; white people with other whites, blacks with blacks, and so on. (a lot of people secretly hold this belief, even if they denounce it publicly…watch how people act, and not what they say. the stats on interracial births and marriages bear out this truth.) as I slowly learned, the white pride world was more nuanced and complicated than what I initially suspected.

skinheads come in a variety of flavors. most are jus about being proud of their white heritage. some want to establish a “white” homeland.

because of the dire circumstances, and unencumbered by political correctness, uncouth, extremist dogmas flourish on the prison yard, and any true believers follow a strict code of conduct: limiting any interaction with other races, and sometimes a total proscription on “business” with them, esp. blacks. as it is, they’re far too few in numbers to wield significant power on the yard, making faithful adherence to their own rules near impossible. 

I bunk near one skinhead, who’s like the most congenial guy at this end of the hall. we’re cool and chop it up sometimes; he’s a laundryman/porter. Sometimes, we get money together with short, intense workouts inside and, far rarer, outside on the bars, at his insistence.

all was copacetic but then he shared the religious beliefs of his wackadoodle Christian sect, who are as kooky as any black supremacist Muslims.

fundamentally they believe white people to be the true Israelites as recounted in the bible. Blacks, the offspring of Edom, are essentially an evil rival race. In other words, these white supremacists claimed to be the *real* Jews, (lol what irony!), the chosen people of earth.

However, if I’m gonna condemn the racist and retarded Mobite cosmology, which avers white people to be the genetic experiment of an evil scientist named Yakub, I gotta call out these neo-nazis for being just as stupid, for creating a theological mirror image of the hatred, jackassery, and idiocy purported of the other side.

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