jPay Message #233

my new long term, prison-art project is making a veritable spank rolodex by collecting old playboy cutouts and collating them into one “ultimate” collection. its basically scrapbooking for perverts. 

I was introduced to the idea by a lifer who used to be my block rep, and whose prized book was a makeshift playboy, essentially a “best of” stack of playmates from the 90s to the 2010s.

he had a whole lifetime to dedicate to curating his favorite porn (with the possibility of pussy far, far, far, far off in the distance.) Which leads me to wonder what type of guys make those “cumpilations” found on porn sites. who has so little going on in their life they can dedicate to watching a ton of porn, cutting out their favorite scenes, and editing them together in one long collection?

their social life must be a horror show, but damn I kinda feel for em, now that I’m pursuing a low-tech imitation of their lascivious, hobbycraft endeavors.

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