“Constant Reminder”

A constant reminder of being in prison: the COs barking on the PA system, all.fuckin. day.

“Count time!! 10 min on the restroom, 5 on the day rooms!” I hear that 3 times a day, literal clockwork.

sometimes they get creative with announcements. One CO will call chow and then recite an imaginary menu.

“today’s menu are two coney dogs from america coney island, chili cheese fries, a root beer float, and tall forty ounccccerrrr. EBT cards are accepted,” he intones, like a strip club DJ.

it’s kind of a dick thing to say, but it’s also amusing at the same time. some people don’t take so kindly. Someone yells out, “shut up you faggot bitch!” a few others then loudly echo the sentiment. another calls racist.

today’s menu is actually a hot dog served on two pieces of bread and beans. I trade the dog for an apple, keep movin, without sitting down, and toss the rest out.

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