Books I read last month (Feb2021)

The Ascension Mysteries: Revealing the Cosmic Battle Between Good and Evil – David WilcockLost Connections: Why You’re Depressed and How to Find Hope – Johann HariThe Life You Save May Be Your Own: An American Pilgrimage – Paul ElieDeadly Class: Never Go Back (Vol. 8) – Rick Remender/ Wes CraigMonstress: Warchild (Vol. 5) – Marjorie…More

jPay Message #247

I’ve restarted the habit of writing down any unfamiliar words and then looking them up later. Then, I copy the definition out on a separate sheet of paper to both facilitate memorization and for review later. Sometimes I just browse the dictionary for words I don’t know. Currently, I’ve 5 pages, front and back, full…More

“A Convicts Guidelines to Meditation ”

I’ve already touted my practice of meditation; it’s only recently that I’ve properly understood how to do it. In the past I thought of like the Buddhist equivalent to prayer or conflated it with contemplation, which is much different process. I started to practice meditation as part of a period of self-reflection that every inmate…More

Books I Read last month (Jan2021)

The Heart of the Master – Aleister CrowleyThe Stakes: America at the Brink – Michael AntonMaking the Mind – George MakariThe Book of Enoch – trans. by R.H. CharlesCall It Conspiracy- Larry AbrahamParis Trout – Pete DexterHumanity Get Off Your Knees – David IckeThe Four Dimensional Human: Ways of Being in the Digital World –…More

“The Absolution From My Dirty Laundry”

Recently, I peruse my James Allen compilation with my first coffee, like it’s scripture. A choice quote from this morning’s reading:  “It is a fatal delusion with men to think that life is detached from the momentary thought and act, and not to understand that the passing thought and deed is the foundation of life.…More