jPay Message #231

daytime TV makes me despair. I’m surrounded by the future stars of shows like Maury or Cops. worse, I’m afraid I may possibly be one. 

its reassuring to be in a unit where they’d purposefully put an old man with a nickname like Shitty, because he shits on the bathroom floor all the time. these guys aren’t exactly in their prime.

the most common misrepresentation of prison. on cable is the seating arrangements in the chow hall. prior to arriving to quarantine, but still in county jail, I worried that the prison chow hall would be intimidating, like a high school cafeteria on steroids: the neo-nazis at that table, the Muslims at that one, a Mexican gang in the corner, etc. and I’d have to make sure not to sit in the wrong spot and inadvertently start a fight.

at least that’s what I thought for the longest. you actually don’t get to choose where you sit, you take a seat one after the other on one side of the table, and then the other, in single file.

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