jPay Message #230

dont know if i told you but my bunkies super gay. like the stereotyped caricature of a hate group would draw in a pamphelet. think Tracy Morgan in the longest yard. *that gay.*

but like I also mentioned I’m basically the most tolerant person in the joint. I guess that’s like saying I hate the least in hell. my point is that no ones lifestyle choice threatens my own identity. 

I’ve seen guys fight a sissy before letting them lock in the same cube (and then hear whispers theyrefucking at nite). anyways I try to keep things amicable between us even tho he’s got definite mental issues. He wears transition glasses and shower shoes with oversized sweats, basically the prison prostitute uniform (that goes to show how shower shoes are thought of…any man shouldn’t have exposed toes.)

he’s on sanctions so I generously rented my player for a soup. he started out jamming flamboyantly, which unfortunately, progressed to dancing like a fag, and finally to straight up twerking. 

I literally got out of my bunk and unplugged his headphones.

“okay, there are a few rules to listening to my player. first is, NO DANCING.”

he looked hurt when I informed him. I wasn’t trying to embarrass him in front of the cube (he was, arguably, doing that already), but I had to draw the line. 

he may have jus been dancing innocently, but in prison its best to preemptively address any situation in which some gay subtext could furtively exist, like a lot of things here. 

I’m still out of my element (still! almost 3 years in!) so I don’t know if a guy dancing to the music on your tablet is universal prison code for the down low, equivalent to a craigslist personal: dtf, back shower 3am ;). 

loll I’d rather hurt a sissys feeling than shit getting twisted, where he follows me to the bathroom every time I go for a piss. like I said, most tolerant guy in the big house.


  1. Earth Motherr says:

    OMG. Literally just laughed out loud so hard to the point the person in the next room wanted to know what I was looking at. Everything about this is absolutely perfect. Love the part about the shower shoes (as I have had this opinion for quiet awhile.)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. trinashinin says:

    Daaaamnnn! Omg! I am laughing🤣😂 so hard right now.. Thanks for that- seriously, there’s no better way to start the day! Good lookin.. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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