jPay Message #222

Pinochle has a language of its own, not jus a vocab of lingo and jargon, a silent conversation in the way the cards are played. Each hand offers limitless possibilities, and skill often determines the difference between a non-saver and a split deck. 

it’s often said that you have to count all the cards in pinochle but that’s not necessarily true. I often play my best when I’m not consciously thinking, “4 trump, 8 trump…11…” and jus vaguely keep track of what’s played unconsciously. 

the things said at a pinochle table in a penitentiary dayroom are grimly amusing. On whether three sets equal an automatic loss: ” no that’s bullshit prison rules! were playing .25, .50 and a dollar…”

um, where else do you play this game except prison?

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