jPay Message #221

Jus like everywhere else, you’re judged by the hygiene products you use in prison. you can make some broad assumptions about a person based on the toothpaste they use.  

The regular Colgate (2.80) means you care about your teeth, like not getting cavities and having them rot. However, not as much as someone who uses the 2in1 Colgate (3.93), who can afford the finer things and can afford to care about how you look. This toothpaste actually whitens teeth.

you likely lived in a trailer or a tent if you use the generic green Cool Mint, which barely tamps someone’s shit morning-coffeebreath. Someone who uses the dental tooth picks (4.62) wants to get flossy, literally.

the type of deodorant tells a similar story. the only one worth getting is the powder Speed stick (3.59); the gel speed stick (3.59) is straight, too, but runs out quickly. comparatively, the generic Power Up brand (2.29) needs reapplication every for hours and doesn’t even smell that great. I made the mistake of buying one months ago, trying to save a buck, and ending up frustrated by how shitty of a “deodorant” it was. like a paid-for Amazon review, I’m “so happy I moved back to the powder speedstick.”

one application last days (if i wanted it to) and it’s got a unique, memorable scent that someone jolts me into to reminisce about the streets, in the peculiar way that specific odors are undelibly tied to specific memories, and can encourage the powerful recall of certain events.

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