jPay Message #231

daytime TV makes me despair. I’m surrounded by the future stars of shows like Maury or Cops. worse, I’m afraid I may possibly be one.  its reassuring to be in a unit where they’d purposefully put an old man with a nickname like Shitty, because he shits on the bathroom floor all the time. these…More

jPay Message #230

dont know if i told you but my bunkies super gay. like the stereotyped caricature of a hate group would draw in a pamphelet. think Tracy Morgan in the longest yard. *that gay.* but like I also mentioned I’m basically the most tolerant person in the joint. I guess that’s like saying I hate the…More

jPay Message #222

Pinochle has a language of its own, not jus a vocab of lingo and jargon, a silent conversation in the way the cards are played. Each hand offers limitless possibilities, and skill often determines the difference between a non-saver and a split deck.  it’s often said that you have to count all the cards in…More

jPay Message #221

Jus like everywhere else, you’re judged by the hygiene products you use in prison. you can make some broad assumptions about a person based on the toothpaste they use.   The regular Colgate (2.80) means you care about your teeth, like not getting cavities and having them rot. However, not as much as someone who uses…More

jPay Message #220

maybe its due to my *current* state of mind but I was watching Friends (only second time thru!) and suddenly struck by how similar the government is to a criminal gang. I know its not an original idea but damn is the resemblance is uncanny, especially when youve experienced both up front and personally.  they…More

jPay Message #219

Winter sucks. Its only redeeming factor is that it signals time’s passing, the world’s changing, that I’m slowly inching towards home. I’ve disciplined myself enough to keep up my workout regime even in the blistering cold. I jus do supersets of pull ups, pushups, dips, and squats, and then retreat inside. Im just glad to…More

jPay Message #218

To paraphrase Rick Sanchez, you’re amazed at what you miss and crave in prison. Not talking about the obvious ones (real women), either. For him it was light beer. For me it’s the following: strawberry milkshakes, Dinty Moores (and Reubens generally), greasy pizza, Two Hearted ales, whiskey sours, xvideos, wearing the color black, Lifesaver gummies,…More