jPay Message #212

For the past few weeks, I’ve made a habit of setting aside 10-15 minutes each day to meditate, or at least try to. I’ve yet to achieve nirvana, but I’ve at least become more conscious about how I do, feel, and think about things. I’m starting to see the things that cause an unconscious reaction.

It’s almost been 3 years since I’ve last like logged into social media or carried a smartphone, and it honestly feels like unplugging from the Matrix. Seriously.

The internet and social media share superficial traits with the spiritual and esoteric idea of “Cosmic Consciousness”, the spark of consciousness that undergirds all things in the universe and unites them. For instance, the internet connects all of humanity and archives all knowledge.

However, opposite to the bliss of that supernatural consciousness, the internet, and social media specifically, evince feelings of isolation and low self-esteem in users.

That’s not to say we should get rid of social media and other internet apps. Trust me, there’s no going back. Social media has permanently changed the way I think, and warped our collective reality. The fact that you’re reading these words is proof of that.

What’s most pernicious about social media is how it compels to think of yourself differently, as a brand. In the world, we possess various personalities, depending on the situation and with whom we’re interacting. On Facebook, we restrict ourselves to the most one-dimensional, sanitized presentation of ourselves. 

In addition, these platforms instill the poisionous belief that you are nothing more than the sum of your experiences.

Im reminded of a line from Fight Club when Tyler Durden intones, “You are not your khakis.” He meant to break the mental identification with one’s job, with one’s actions.

Likewise, you are so much more than the sum of your documented experiences. You are more than your tweets and status updates. Youre worth more than any number of likes or followers. The truth is, you’re everything: you are the Eternal Infinite. 

(Meditating has let me feel this truth in bits&pieces on a deeper level than knowing it intellectually, and I’m more convinced than ever that virtual reality increasingly distracts from physical reality, but also Reality.

I’ve reached that paradoxical stage where Im physically imprisoned, but Ive never felt so spiritually liberated, which has manifested a bodily lightness, my mind traversing uncharted terrain and receiving intuitions that strike me with the force of truth.)

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